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The science of orthodontics is combined with the art: the art of solving specific orthodontic problems of adults and children, the art of practicing our craftsmanship by the rules of our art. Orthodontics can sometimes take on a cosmetic side. If we understand the problems and the solutions of our art, however, our business can go well beyond the alignment of teeth. Properly aligned teeth, above all, reflect a balanced occlusion allowing the jaws to function well. In orthodontics, beauty has to be functional.


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Dear colleagues,

The priority of our practice is to intercept the development of malocclusions and to assist the eruption of teeth toward a functional occlusion. The esthetical need are considered in the second phase of the treatment because, in orthodontics, beauty has to be functional.

This method is based on the conclusions of a clinical study that took more than ten years to complete. (ref).

At which point should you speak to your youngest patients?

It is imperative to us that you address them before they lose their last deciduous molars.

Keep in mind that the starting point of treatment is not dependent on the patient’s age, but on their dental development.

That is why we recommend a panoramic X-ray at the age of 9.

Early detection of orthodontic problems

Certain problems can arise at an early age. Your role as a dentist or a dental hygienist is therefore essential.

If you have any questions about early detection, do not hesitate to contact us. We can also organize seminars tailored to your needs.

Your adult patients

Orthodontic treatment for adults is often multidisciplinary. If posing implants is compromised or if the esthetical result of your restaurations is not satisfactory because of orthodontic problems, do not hesitate to contact us. We can work together.

Children around the age of 9

Taking your 9-year-old to the dentist is normal. Bringing your child to our clinic, however, can also prove beneficial, on the condition that your child still has the last temporary molars milk teeth. A simple panoramic X-ray allows us to identify all precursory problems and avoid infinitely more complex interventions.

Guiding young teeth towards a natural development and intercepting possible malocclusion are the cornerstones of our philosophy.


While adults are often referred to us by their dentist, nothing prevents them from contacting us directly. Depending on the diagnosed problems, we will contact the patients’ regular dentist, or, if necessary, any other specialist (periodontist, prosthodontist, maxillofacial surgeon, …)

My first consultation

Your child’s first consultation often follows a recommendation from your dentist, the hygienist or the school service. When in doubt, do not hesitate to contact us. This first visit is important to establish your child’s dental age and to identify potential problems. At that point we can decide whether or not treatment is necessary, and how urgent it is.

We always take the time to explain the identified orthodontic problems, and the proposed solution, to both you and your child. We also address all financial issues.

We usually work in 3 phases: the correction of the malocclusion, the treatment of aesthetic needs, and ultimately the potential stabilizing issues to ensure a lasting result.

The cost of medical contribution in Switzerland is based on a number of points. Typical prices range from CHF 2.8 and CHF 5.2 per point. Reimbursement by your insurance company is set around 3.1 per point, which is exactly within our price range.